The Buy Local NB Directory (a project of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick) operates on a mandate of increasing accessibility to locally produced items and offering a sensible solution toward the improvement of human and environmental health, social justice and community development. The directory is primarily focused on listing individuals and business who produce and sell foodstuffs and hand-made goods. At this point, the directory does not list local services.

Here are our Terms & Conditions in a nutshell:

By creating a user profile and submitting a business or product, it is your responsibility to update your listing should any information change. We are able to offer support if you have any issues managing your listing(s). If you no longer sell products made in New Brunswick, you must inform us immediately in writing to

All new submissions are subject to approval by an administrator prior to being published in the directory. This is to maintain a certain level of content quality. You may be asked to verify the origins of the products that your business sells. If any of the products you sell are not made in New Brunswick, you must clearly state this in your listing and/or to Buy Local NB at the time of application.

We aim to approve all listings within 24 hours of receipt. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the submission, we will contact you via the email address that we have on file, or the email address that you provided when creating your user profile.

We reserve the right to reject any submissions that we deem unsuitable for the directory.

*Please note that while we do try to maintain a certain level of standard for approval, we are always happy to discuss your business and product(s) with you.

Communiquez Avec Nous

Nous sommes actuellement absents, mais vous pouvez nous envoyer un courriel et nous vous répondrons dès notre retour.

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