About Buy Local NB

Buy Local NB is a project by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick aimed at offering a sensible solution toward the improvement of human and environmental health, social justice and community development.

Buying Locally is a venture that has many facets; it directly affects farmers, consumers, and the economy in a number of ways. Employing approximately 46,300 people in 2012, the agri-food sector plays an important economic and social role New Brunswick. 

While sourcing products locally plays a large role in strengthening our local economy, it also helps to reduce the overall environmental impact of food production and consumption. A local food system typically means the food is transported over shorter distances, not only reducing the carbon footprint of food production but also ensuring a fresh and healthy product.

Buying locally also contributes to the development of strong urban and rural communities. By encouraging a more involved food culture, we are fostering meaningful relationships with the people who grow the food that ends up on our tables.

While New Brunswick is approximately 1000% self-sufficient in maple syrup, potatoes, and wild blueberries, our self-sufficiency in terms of vegetable production is only at 8%. With approximately 50% of land in New Brunswick being suitable for farming activities, only 5% of that land is actually farmed. If anything, these numbers indicate the wealth of potential that New Brunswick has for growing its agriculture and agriculture related activities.

Here at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick our aim is to provide a means of accessing and sharing the many great products that the province has to offer. We know that there are many farms and products out there that are missing from our inventory. We hope you will spread the word and encourage farmers, value-added food entrepreneurs, farm markets, cafés and local grocers to reach out and inquire about being a part of this initiative.

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Nous sommes actuellement absents, mais vous pouvez nous envoyer un courriel et nous vous répondrons dès notre retour. homegrown@conservationcouncil.ca

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